Plan My Portfolio

The Process

What to expect from this service


Sit down with us

In our first strategy meeting we carve out the time to fully understand what your overall goals are within property and with carefully curated questions we review where you are now and how we can get you to where you’d love to be


Meet your dream team

We will onboard you with our mortgage brokers who have over 40 years experience, and access to over 70 lenders suitable for all your needs.


We will also facilitate a meeting with our accountants who have a wealth of experience in the property industry to make sure you are perfectly positioned for business and tax purposes.

Finally we will onboard you with our solicitors who will provide expert conveyancing services.


We’ll find your dream opportunity

Our portfolio team will use the reports from the accountant and mortgage broker to conduct a deep analysis into the UK’s property market to develop the most compatible and lucrative investment options which will then be written up in your preliminary report.


our final meeting

Our final meeting will be to walk you through your preliminary report, answer any questions and ensure we have captured your goals and that you understand how to execute your new strategy.


We will then make final edits and changes to ensure perfection.


It’s all yours

Finally, we will send you your detailed report which will enable you to tackle your investment journey with confidence.

Build My Portfolio

The Process

How our team will increase the value of your property portfolio after you’ve received your money back from your Analyse My Portfolio experience


Lets align with your goals

We will walk you through your property report to confirm our action plan aligns with your property goals.


We’ll start Property hunting

Using various sourcing strategies, we will hunt for the best property opportunities across all regions of the UK, sifting out any that do not fit perfectly with your specifications.


Only the best for you

Our team will then facilitate viewings and inspections on your behalf, only presenting you with the absolute best options, that tick all your requirement boxes.


Choose your favourites

Once you have cherry picked your favourites from our selection, we will negotiate competitive offers on your behalf, making sure to get you the best value for money possible


We’ll find your contractors

Finally, we will vet and source the best contractors for any refurbishments needed and for added safety we will put all contractors on an appropriate schedule of works, schedule of payments and contracts. We will also monitor the entire end-to-end process to ensure your project goes on without a hitch.


Lettings/HOME MOVE

If you’d like to be even more hands off, we’ll handle the entire letting process and ongoing property management for you, or we’ll help facilitate your move into your new home.

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