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At Asset Dreams we take pride in helping you achieve your property goals.

For this reason, we have a fully remote option for all of our services, so you can have our entire experience in the comfort of your own home.

There are often many misconceptions about how much is needed to start investing in property and people tend to overestimate or underestimate. The truth is an accurate figure requires consideration of your goals and all the aspects/professionals that are required to make that goal a reality. You need a good clear plan.

We created Analyse My Portfolio to solve these problems. It takes a lot of time, effort and sometimes expertise to do all the research and consider all the constantly changing factors to buy property efficiently, cost-effectively and safely. We’ve done the research, so what we do is sit you down with a range of our carefully selected professionals to figure out how to tailor this plan to you and give you detailed options. So whether you’re investing today or in a year’s time, you’re doing it right.

You deposit the cost of the service into the escrow accounts. At different stages when we meet deliverables, you can release some funds from the escrow account to us. You’ve got the power to release funds or not so although we always deliver, you have an extra guarantee that you won’t have to pay for a part of the service you didn’t receive!

We communicate constantly with our clients, using email, calls and our interactive account login space. Rest assured you will hear from us and we are always ready for you to contact us.

Contact us. We are more than happy to have a chat with you to recommend a service or if we feel we can’t help, we can signpost you to somewhere else that’s more appropriate.


Analyse My Portfolio & Build My Portfolio Questions

While we would love to put a fixed price for this service, we risk overpricing or underpricing and we don't want to change prices as that won't be integral.

Anyone wanting to do Build My Portfolio will need to do Analyse My Portfolio first, so we can use all the systems we have in place to develop a detailed strategy relevant to their goals.

In this process, we can then give them a specific cost for their tailored Build My Portfolio strategy for each property they want to acquire.

We will deduct the cost of Analyse my Portfolio from their Build My Portfolio fee so they essentially still get their detailed Analyse My Portfolio report for free and can use it to build their property journey themselves, with no requirement for them to work with us for multiple property acquisitions.

The answer is whatever you agree on with us! We will work with you to come to a number that is reasonable and hits your goals, then we use this goal to find properties.

We won't bring you a property that doesn't meet all your requirements!

Communication is one of our priorities! We have put many things in our process to ensure you're not left in the dark.

You will receive weekly and sometimes daily emails and phone calls from us to update you on progress and you will have access to our login area so you can also keep tabs on progress.

You can chat with us through the login area and you can always email or call us to speak to us.

We have brought together Mortgage Brokers, Accountants and Solicitors with decades of experience in the industry and combined it with our extensive research of the UK property market, to create a service that can develop, clarify or strengthen the strategy of anyone at any stage on their property journey.

For our clients who don't know where to start, or are buying their first home and need a short and long-term strategy, we help them develop a clear strategy from scratch.

For our clients who are more experienced in the property industry, we help further develop their strategy based on the current market and even help them to get more out of their existing portfolio.

Most of our Analyse My Portfolio clients will get their reports between 2-4 weeks to allow enough time for all the necessary meetings and analysis, so we can give you a thorough report.

The service is tailored to where you are and regardless of your stage, we bridge gaps and create new pathways in the process so rest assured, you will leave with everything you need and more!


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