Redesign My Space

The Process

Relax while we make the most of your space, no matter its size or your budget.

Tier 1

Understanding your vision


Design meeting

Our interior designer will sit down with you to understand your vision and budget for your space.


Conduct Research

Our designers will conduct thorough research into how to bring your ideas to life, creating a unique visual draft.


Second meeting

In our second meeting, we will walk you through our initial design brief. Once you are happy with our creation and are confident our design team have matched your vision, we will create a sourcing list of the products needed to execute your plans accurately.


Visualise your space

To help you see yourself in your new space even more, we can even create a 3D render of the space for you.


Our final meeting

During our final meeting, we will walk you through your detailed design report, showing you all aspects of your new space and most importantly, how to bring it to life.

Tier 2

Let us assemble your dream team


Meet your match

First, we will conduct our contractor matching service which not only ensures high quality, but tailors our candidates to fit perfectly with your project, while staying on budget.


Your Saftey comes first

Our next meeting will solidify the contractor choice as well as create a refurbishment plan, schedule of works and schedule of payments that fit around your lifestyle. For added safety, we will also put contractors on suitable contracts.


Our Final meeting

In our final meeting, our team will break down the actionable steps you would then need to take, to complete your project successfully.

Tier 3

Relax, while we get to work


We’ll take it from here

Our team will monitor the entire project from beginning to end, on your behalf. We will carry out consistent site visits alongside our interior design team and also provide you with weekly project updates, with the options for follow up meetings should you feel inclined.

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