Case study 3: Park Avenue

Our countrywide constant research means we know the best places to invest

The numbers:
Purchase price = £69,000 (cash purchase)

Legal fees + SDLT = £2,961
Refurb cost = £7,970

Total expenditure = £79,931

Average street price = £100,000

Rental value = £550-£600pcm

Even after all fees, the property is still £20,069 below market value

Plan is to refinance and take out most of the money from the deal!


The Problem: Finding the best deals require consistency

Many of our clients our busy and even when they have time to look into the market, they often have to focus on one city or at most one region at a time. They don’t have the time or capacity to consider all the metrics we do, so the result is their options are limited.

We are the solution

We are constantly researching into all regions of the United Kingdom (excluding Scotland for now). Our research is not just based on region averages, but it is broken down into Counties in a region and Councils in each County. So, we are looking into numbers and areas of potential growth in great detail.


The result is that we find great deals all over the country for our clients who take advantage of the Build My Portfolio service. For our Analyse My Portfolio clients, we also make great recommendations in their report on where they should be looking for properties to propel their property journey.


We don’t just look at the history of the property, but we look at the area, plans for government development, crime statistics and a bunch of other metrics to ensure greater accuracy in our recommendations or searches.


We have been doing this for a while and we have the right team to do the job, so we win every time!

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