Case Study 2: Safety First

Asset Dream’s commitment to spotting potential problems before the happen

Often time in property investment, people do their analysis of a property at the beginning, predict a return on investment (ROI) and then go for it. Although it makes sense, it is very risky as there are sometimes hidden issues in a property that won’t be revealed in a viewing or even with a professional survey. These problems found at a later stage can be really bad for the client, leading to losses.

Because we know this, we built our team to avoid these issues, by bringing in experts in different fields, who can spot problems at every step, so we can stop the process before it’s too late.

The Problem: Easily missed problems with big consequences
11 Hadrian Drive and 2 Caesar Way on first impression looked like good properties that will bring in healthy returns on investment. They passed all our initial checks and the client was good to go forward.

However, on getting to the conveyancing stage, our solicitors spotted that one of the properties had a restrictive covenant on the title deed, which would not have allowed our client to employ multiple strategies such as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) or Serviced Accommodation (SA). We are all about multiple options for making money in each property to maximise profits and for safety, so the obvious option was to back out of the deal. This covenant missed, could have boxed our client into only one strategy which would have made the investment unnecessarily riskier and potentially more difficult to sell if they decided to at a later date.

For the other property, our solicitors discovered that there was an issue with the title deed which exposed our client to a greater level of risk unnecessarily. Again, our suggestion was to back out of the deal in order to protect the client.

We went on to facilitate great investments for this client.


Our secret: The right team!

We have handpicked some of the best in the game. Our Mortgage brokers, Accountants and Solicitors each have decades of experience behind them and more importantly, they specialise in property related transactions. So when you go with us, you automatically get meetings with them, paid for by us!


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