Case Study 1: Pandemic Proof Investing

How Asset Dreams stood the test of a pandemic through careful investment

The numbers:
Total expenditure = £162,697.85
Total inflow after sale (after all deductions) = £182,953.54
Profit = £20,255.69
ROI = 12.44%

We helped a Build My Portfolio client to push forward his investment journey with the purchase of 11 Colebridge Crescent, which brought him an over £20,000 profit after sale, despite disruptions from a pandemic nobody saw coming. The crazy part is from start to finish, our client didn’t even see the property in person!

The Problem: Unpredictable!
We had plans in motion so once the purchase was complete, we began a £70,000 refurbishment project to convert this house from a 3 bed 1 bathroom, 1 garage house to a 6 bed, 6-bathroom (5 en-suites + 1 off-suite) house. 50% through the project, the government announced a lockdown and we had to pause the project for months! Our client was still paying his mortgage, council tax and bills through this pause so money was going out.

How we overcame it: Strategic Investing
At Asset Dreams, we don’t waste time complaining about things we cannot change, rather, we have designed our system to weather storms so our clients don’t have to be casualties of the predictable or the unpredictable. From our discussions with this client, we worked out their investment goals and developed a suitable strategy with them. We then used this information to find properties using a strict, no emotions criteria. When we found this property, we recommended a purchase price to our client that was suitable and left enough room for profits, regardless of market condition. It worked! Despite all the delays and confusion from the pandemic, our client slept peacefully and we delivered a solid profit of £20,255.69.

In the words of the client “…their investments have always been high quality, such that even during a massive disruption in construction during the pandemic, I still made great profits!”

We consider your goals, we consider all the facts, we put them all together, and the result is always success without stress!

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